Futako Music Space  for classical music players

Futako Music Space room opened January,2007
It is a hourly music rental studio mainly for those who love to play classic music and
since then,it is used for people who play various type of music.
We wll provide a complete soundproof space which you can concentrate in music.
The room has 260cm+ height and the size is

✦When using with chorus,20 people is a maximum capacity.
✦When using with seats,18 people is a maximum capacity.
✦Free items you may use is a piano,10 music stands,20 chairs,big mirror,
audio(CD/MD/iPhone/iPad)with Bose speakers,white board ,Doublebass.
✦Fully air conditioned.

Authorized group may use this music space.
You may book this room from 7AM to 11PM every day via telephone or Email.
We are open from Monday thru Sunday.
To make a reservation,please look at another page to see
if a vacant schedule fits your offer.
There will be no charge when registering or becoming a member.
Charge depends on how many hours you're using.(Hourly charge minimum 2H)

Convenient Access from Tokyo metro area!
15 minutes train from Shibuya station(center of Tokyo) and
2 minutes from Futakoshinchi station.